Vision, Mission and Goals


Prime mover in protecting the rights and advancing the interests of workers in a just and humane society.


The TUCP is committed to unify the labor movement and protect the interest of the working class.


  • A democratic society where fundamental human and trade union rights are deeply respected.
  • A sustainable economy that ensures decent jobs, living wages and the equitable distribution of wealth.
  • A dynamic and responsive labor sector that is well educated, responsible, vigilant and cohesive that takes the lead in advancing the welfare of the masses.
  • Empowered communities that are self-reliant and energized to harness participation of all.
  • Families that are provided adequate opportunities for stability, growth and development.
  • Citizens who fully participate in the process and gains from the benefits of a democratic life.

Efforts to unify the Philippine labor sector

The TUCP is one of the lead-convenors of the Nagkaisa Labor Coalition, the largest labor coalition in the country today composed of 42 labor federations and organizations. The Nagkaisa Labor Coalition is at the forefront in the fight against contractualization and strengthening security of tenure.