About Us

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), with 480,000 members, is the biggest confederation of labor federations in the Philippines both in membership and in number of Collective Bargaining Agreements. It was founded on December 14, 1975 by 23 labor federations which saw the necessity and importance of uniting themselves into a strong and dynamic labor center.

TUCP is one of lead-convenors of the Nagkaisa Labor Coalition, the largest labor coalition in the country today. NAGKAISA is composed of 42 labor federations and organizations.

Operational Structure

The highest governing body of the TUCP is the Convention which is held once every five years. The delegates to the Convention elect the TUCP officials and formulate major policies and initiatives which guide the TUCP’s program of action for the next five years.

In between Conventions, the TUCP is governed by the General Council which is composed of the heads of the TUCP federations. The General Council meets at least once in six months to assess and review TUCP policies and programs.

Next to the General Council is the Executive Board whose members are elected during the Convention. It meets as often as the need arises and decides on TUCP responses to crucial developments that affect the labor sector.

The day to day functions of the TUCP is carried out by its Secretariat.

Officers (Executive Board)

Elected during the 8th TUCP Convention held on April 2, 2016

President – Atty. Raymond Democrito C. Mendoza – (ALU-VIMCONTU) (Representative, TUCP Partylist)

General Secretary – Atty. Arnel Z. Dolendo – (PTGWO)

Treasurer – Mrs. Esperanza S. Ocampo – (PGEA)

Members (Vice Presidents)

Mrs. Dolores R. Alegarbes – (ATU)

Mr. Temistocles S. Dejon, Jr. – (AWATU)

Mrs. Concepcion G. Dodd – (CLASS)

Mr. Edmundo I. Estavillo – (KKKP)

Mr. Arthur F. Juego – (KILUSAN)

Atty. Gilbert P. Lorenzo – (NUPP)

Mr. Michael Democrito C. Mendoza – (ALU- TRANSPORT)

Mr. Luis C. Corral – (ALU-TEXTILE)

Mr. Gerard R. Seno – (APSOTEU)   

Mr. Jose J. Suan – (PIILU)

Mr. Renato Geron – (TESDA-ACE) 


Sis. Louisivi J. Oliva – Officer-in-Charge Assistant General Secretary

Sis. Annaben Tan – Membership Services Officer

Bro.  Edsil Bacalso – Membership Services Officer

Sis. Jofa Fale Balatero – Administrative Assistant

Sis. Nicole Anne Parreño – Policy and Advocacies Officer and Spokesperson

Bro. Nicandro Tolentino – Finance Officer