Supreme Court final ruling settles TUCP leadership row

15 August 2018

The Supreme Court (SC) on June 20, 2018 issued a resolution denying with FINALITY the motion for reconsideration filed by the group of the former and late Sen. Ernesto Herrera on the issue of determining the legitimate member organizations of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP). The highest court’s final ruling finally settled the issue of legal and legitimate representation and leadership of the labor center, particularly the legality and legitimacy of convening the TUCP General Council and the hodling of TUCP Convention and election of officers that was held on April 2, 2016 in TUCP Headquarters in Diliman, Quezon City, where all the 27 member-organizations were invited to participate pursuant to Article VI of the TUCP Constitution and By-Laws. 

During the said Convention, the 17 member-organizations/federations present and in good standing constituting a quorum elected Rep. Raymond Mendoza from the Associated Labor Unions (ALU) as President; Atty. Arnel Dolendo from the Philippine Trade and General Workers Organization (PTGWO) as General Secretary; and Esperanza Ocampo from the Philippine Government Employees Association (PGEA) as Treasurer. The delegates also elected the other members of the TUCP Executive Board representing other TUCP federations with a 5-year term of office until 2021.

The conduct of the TUCP Convention and Regular Election of Officers, in compliance with the orders and resolutions of the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court, and the Bureau of Labor Relations, put to rest the issue on TUCP leadership along with the demise of its key leaders – Atty. Democrito Mendoza of ALU, former Sen. Ernesto F. Herrera of AMAPO, Victorino F. Balais of PTGWO and Zoilo dela Cruz of NACUSIP. 

The Convention and election of the new officers of TUCP were held in pursuant to the Writ of Execution issued by the Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) on 11 August 2015 implementing the Decision of the Court of Appeals dated 07 October 2013, as amended by its Resolution issued on 16 June 2014, and as affirmed by the Supreme Court in its Resolutions dated 27 August 2014 and 09 February 2015.   The Writ of Execution issued by the BLR on 11 August 2015 with respect to the leadership issue of the TUCP is deemed complied with.

The most recent decision of the Supreme Court has the practical effect of affirming and sustaining the legitimacy of the 02 April 2016 8th TUCP Convention and Regular Election of Officers which resulted to election of current leadership under President Raymond Mendoza.

With the final decision of the Supreme Court, the TUCP could now be able to fully revitalize, consolidate and further expand its membership with an open-door policy to the other 10 legitimate organizations of the TUCP that went with the group of Sen. Herrera during the leadership dispute.

The TUCP under the leadership of Rep. Mendoza can now fully revive its participation in the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and re-connect wih other national and international labor and fraternal organizations. Also, the organization can now proceed full steam ahead to reconstituting its working committees and functional deparments to develop and offer more programs and services to its members in the manufacturing, services, transportation, and agriculture sectors nationwide including its OFW members both land and sea-based. It can also now fully develop its properties and facilities without legal question or any impediment which will greatly help in strengthening the operations of the TUCP for the benefit of workers, their families and communities. The TUCP leadership is very grateful to all its allies and supporters in the government, in the media, and in the Nagkaisa Labor Coalition who believed in the legitimate leadership of the TUCP under Rep. Mendoza.  The labor center commits to continue its work to serving the Filipino workers in the country and overseas.