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  • TUCP throws support behind Davide
  • TUCP says ballooning unemployment should be a wake-up call for bickering politicians
  • Let Anvil expose’ be an example
  • TUCP asks GSIS to “come out clean” on cause of delay
  • TUCP calls for end to political bickering and adventurism
  • TUCP appeals to rebel soldiers; says situation will hurt economy, will hurt workers and the poor
  • Hong Kong wage cut: TUCP files complaint before International Labor Organisation (ILO)
  • TUCP to bring Hong Kong wage cut issue before international body
  • TUCP support proposals for price control on petroleum products
  • TUCP welcomes SC decision on Meralco, reiterates position on democratization of Meralco ownership


  • TUCP, moderately satisfied with SONA
  • TUCP: basic services, jobs, and good governance, not civil society will ensure people’s confidence in GMA
  • TUCP hits SSS for refusing to extend calamity loans
  • TUCP lauds GMA personal sacrifices; calls for national unity; focus on economy
  • TUCP celebrates 27th Anniversary
  • TUCP wants GMA to take up issue on labor standard violations in her vision of a “strong republic”
  • TUCP urges public consultation on Meralco refund; wants ownership of Meralco democratized
  • TUCP to Meralco: Convert 11 Billion refund to equity of consumers
  • Labor Solidarity Movement (LSM) Labor seeks emergency assistance for workers
  • TUCP condemns coup talks
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