Feb 4, 2018 – WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG TO RELEASE WORK CLEARANCES. Scores of employees in call centers and banks have asked for help in speeding up delayed work clearances. They wonder why their clearances and final payments for wages and benefits have been witheld for far too long. Read more.

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Aggrieved employees say ‘turnaround time’ is usually 2-3 months. However, there are those still waiting six months after completing turnover and other requirements.

Employees twist in the wind, inquiring on their status week after week, thus impairing employees’ welfare and productivity.

They are cruelly disadvantaged. Clearances are required either for employment or for regularisation with their new employers.

It used to be that once requirements are complied with and submitted, clearances, together with payment of final wages, benefits and monetized leaves and other entitlements are released within days.

This must be one of the recent innovations in management of human resources.

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