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ANOTHER HANJIN WORKER FALLS TO DEATH! AMAPO- TUCP union workers report a worker on allegedly “overtime, over day” fell to his death Friday afternoon in Dock 5 at Hanjin Heavy Industries Corp. Philippines in Subic Bay.

‘Overtime, over day’ is the workers’ pejorative term for the very long hours in certain sections in Hanjin. Workers cite these long hours as contributing to exhaustion, illnesses and, worse, fatal accidents.

The accident is another in a series of many deaths and injuries in shipbuilder Hanjin, even after DOLE allegedly looked into the ‘bad’ working conditions there months ago.

AMAPO-TUCP is in the midst of a bitter union organizing campaign in the contractors of Hanjin.

The Union reports illegal dismissals, harassment, discrimination, sexual incidents, physical abuse, diminution of benefits, and hundreds of other unfair labor practices, including illegal detention during the past three certification elections for workers representation, in the Korean company.

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