May 18, 2017 – KAHIYA! The Metro Manila RTWPB has not issued a Wage Order adjusting the wages of domestic workers (kasambahays) MORE THAN FOUR YEARS AFTER PASSAGE OF BATAS KASAMBAHAY 10361. Read more.

Published by reposted only Date posted on May 16, 2017

Kasambahay minimum wages, for 52 months and counting, in the largest destination of kasambahays in the Philippines has remained at P2,500 per month. In contrast, 11 other regions have already issued their adjusting Wage Orders, with a number of regions having minimum wages higher than in Metro Manila.

Dapat nga, this Regional Board should be leading the way in implementation of competency-based wages for domestic workers, providing progressively higher wages for kasambahays with higher than basic skills.

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