IT sector offers highest salaries for junior execs: survey

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by Arra B. Francia, Businessworld, Feb 23, 2017

THE information technology (IT) sector still offer the highest salaries for junior executives and supervisors in the country, according to online employment portal JobStreet Philippines.

JobStreet Philippines on Wednesday released its National Salary Report 2017 which showed junior executives in the IT sector, such as Web or software developers, earn an average of P37,034 monthly.

Supervisors in IT-related jobs, such as systems analyst or IT project manager, can get around P68,723 a month.

However, the highest paid managers are not in IT, but in corporate strategy. The JobStreet report showed transitions implementation managers, corporate planning directors and business development head strategists can now get a monthly salary of P125,976. Managers in IT-related sectors are the second-highest paid with P91,100.

The average salaries are based on job postings on in 2016. said salaries for supervisors continued to rise, while average salaries of managers saw the biggest increase.

Other high-paying jobs for junior executives can be found in the legal services, and training & development sectors with average monthly earnings of P29,430 and P27,253, respectively.

Supervisors in actuarial science/statistics receive P65,741 monthly, while those in law/legal services get P48,014.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry accounted for 38% of the available jobs, followed by retail at 3% and manufacturing at 2.8%.

The JobStreet report also showed that BPO firms continued to hire customer service, technical help desk specialists, telesales and telemarketing, above other specializations.

Meanwhile, retail companies were found to be the most generous in giving guaranteed bonuses, while transportation and logistics firms were seen as most generous with non-guaranteed bonuses, a separate JobStreet survey showed.

The survey classified bonuses into guaranteed, or the amount agreed upon between the employer and employees in their contract, and non-guaranteed, which is given upon the employer’s discretion.

Guaranteed bonuses in the retail industry are highest with about 4.34 months’ worth of salary given as bonus, while the telecommunications sector is most prudent by giving only around 2.26 months’ salary as bonus.

Companies in the transportation/logistics sector give the most generous non-guaranteed bonuses at 4.34 months’ against the 1.3-month average distributed in semiconductor jobs.

JobStreet surveyed the amount of bonuses received through a comprehensive survey sent out to 741 employees and 81 employers in November 2016. —

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