No one is too old to work – Dole

Published by reposted only Date posted on February 12, 2017

By Sheila Crisostomo (The Philippine Star), Feb 12, 2017

MANILA, Philippines – Age does not matter when it comes to employment, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said over the weekend.

DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III said he signed on Feb. 2 Department Order No. 170, which provides the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 10911 or the Anti-Age Discrimination Act.

Bello said the order applies to all employers, publishers, labor contractors or subcontractors and labor organizations.

Under the law, it is unlawful for an employer to print or publish in any form of media, including the internet, any notice or advertisement relating to employment suggesting preferences, limitations, specifications and discrimination based on age.

The law prohibits an employer to require the declaration of age or birth date during the application process, decline any employment application because of the applicant’s age or discriminate against an individual in terms of compensation, terms and conditions or privileges of employment on account of an individual’s age.

It also prohibits an employer from denying any employee a promotion or opportunity for training because of age.

The employer cannot forcibly fire or impose early retirement on a worker because of age.

Labor contractors or subcontractors are prohibited from refusing employment referrals or discriminate against any individual for the same reason.

The law also sets exceptions or situations when it is lawful for an employer to set age limitations in employment.

A fine of not less than P50,000 but not more than P500,000 or imprisonment of not less than three months but not more than two years, or both, await violators.

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