Career advancement is possible even under service contracting

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By BusinessMirror, Feb 14, 2017

Contractual employment is often perceived as temporary. And with this comes the belief that it doesn’t offer any advancement options—your career is only as good as the length of your tenure. But these are all misconceptions according to the Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors (Palscon), an association of legitimate service contractors in the country.

“That’s not the case. Just because you’re under service-contracting employment doesn’t mean there’s no chance or hope for advancement or a better position. In the end, career growth is not dependent on your type of employment—it still about perseverance, hard work and your skills,” said Rhoda Caliwara, Palscon president.

She added there are already a number of employees of Palscon member-companies that are enjoying good jobs and experienced career advancement. One of them is Corazon Llamoso.

“I started out as a promodiser. But eventually, I got hired at the office. Service contracting gave me an opportunity to grow, develop my skills and learn almost everything that I need to know to become better in my job,” Llamoso shared.

She sees her employment under service contracting as a big help to her family. Through this job, she is able to support her father, a farmer, and was able to help her younger sibling finish college. “My younger sibling has just graduated from a four-year course. I funded her schooling. Add to that the fact that I’m able to continuously help my family. These are just a few of the benefits I’m enjoying under service contracting.”

Caliwara explains that with the continuous operations of service contracting in the country comes Palscon’s commitment of providing hope and progress to a number of Filipino workers.

“As long as we, legitimate service contractors, are here, every Filipino worker could trust that there will be a continuous provision of good jobs and fair labor. There will be more Filipino workers with better jobs making better lives for their families.”

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