Labor partylist backs best mining practices

Published by reposted only Date posted on November 17, 2011

TUBA, Benguet—Rep. Raymond Democrito Mendoza, of the Trade Union of the Philippines Partylist, said the mineral sector not only gives jobs to the corporate social advocacies of mining companies.

“We were witnesses on the progress of communities that serve as host to mining. We want the development achieved by other places to be replicated in other undeveloped remote communities in the country,” he said.

Mendoza cited Philex Mining Corp. for its constributions in helping sustain the economy and the lives of people.

“Philex had shown to the world the actual practice of responsible mining, respect for host communities and the practice of core labor standards which has maintained its robust operations over the past 53 years,” he said. “It continues to achieve record-breaking production which is good in sustaining the country’s economic growth.”

Mendoza commended Philex in being able to balance between mining and minding the the environment.

Philex is the first mining firm to come out with media advertisement on best practices in the extractive industry.

He challenged the the company’s management and labor to continue the partnership that survived global slowdown in the early 2000.

Mendoza assured the mining industry of the partylist’s support in advancing the interest of labor and providing employment opportunities for the country’s labor force. –Dexter A. See, Manila Standard Today

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