TUCP urges presidential candidates and political parties to address high unemployment

Published by reposted only Date posted on January 27, 2010

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), the biggest labor center in the country calls on presidential candidates and political parties to come-up with a clear agenda to resolve the increasing numbers of unemployed workers in the Philippines. To date, there are 2.8 million unemployed Filipinos according to the latest NSO data.

“Unemployment is not only a personal and economic issue, it is a serious social and political problem as well” said Alex Aguilar, TUCP Spokesperson.

Instead of the usual mudslinging and personality-centered campaigns, candidates instead should present to the people how they intend to solve joblessness and other critical issues.

On the personal level, unemployment undermines personal behavior.  “When a person is economically insecure, his self-worth is also affected”, explained Aguilar.

On the economic side, unemployed people form part of the dependent population which exact a heavy toll on public resources.

But most importantly, rising unemployment poses threat to society itself. It aggravates poverty, and  peace and order situation.

“While we appreciate commercials and advertisements showing concern for the poor and jobless, we have yet to hear any concrete plans to address unemployment” Aguilar emphasized.

The 2010 elections present a good opportunity for candidates to veer away from traditional campaigning.

“Candidates and parties must now focus on the discussion of developmental programs such as job generation”, stressed Aguilar.

TUCP adds that almost 300,000 young people join the labor force every year.


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