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Published by reposted only Date posted on May 27, 2009

Following are some very funny spelling bloopers caught in local newspapers, publications and various emails. See if you can catch the errors. – From Laffaday

1. “…an autopsy to determine if the elderly man lost courteousness for medical reasons.” (Trenton, N.J.)

2. “[An NBA coach] will take charge of a young team still in the throws of a roster overhaul.” (Vernon, Conn.)

3. “‘It’s pretty exciting,’ according to his material grand-mother.” (Potsdam, N.Y.)

4. “The MCCC fight team won 21 out of 32 awards and brought home nine metals.” Including the gold? (Trenton, N.J.)

5. “McNabb…exasperated the injury attempting to chase down Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams.” (Trenton, N.J.)

6. “Boxer Pups AKC, 1M, 1F, Bread for Health and Temperament.” (e-mail)

7. “[Paris Hilton] was probably going through cocaine withdrawls.” Is she from the South? (Sunnyvale, Calif.)

8. “Our lunch menu [includes] a variety of hot entrees and tempting deserts.” Presumably also hot. (Upper Saint Clair, Pa.)

9. “Vincent was a brawny Swiss ex-patriot.” (San Jose, Calif.)

10. “…those who acquaint shopping with charity.” (Simsbury, Conn.)


Corrections: 1. consciousness 2. throes 3. maternal 4. medals
5. exacerbated 6. bred 7. withdrawals 8. desserts 9. expatriate
10. equate

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