TUCP to postpone wage petitions

Published by reposted only Date posted on April 18, 2009

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) will evaluate developments in the economy before filing a wage petition this year.

The TUCP made the announcement as it continues to monitor the number of workers displaced by the global financial crisis.

Traditionally, the TUCP files petitions before the regional wages and productivity boards around this time of the year.

The TUCP said that it will carefully weigh factors before it takes the decision to ask for wage increases. Foremost of the factors is the sustainability and protection of existing jobs.

“At this point, we have to take into consideration that over 40,000 workers, mainly from the export industry, have lost their jobs due to closures and downsizing of factories,” TUCP said.

“It is therefore imperative that we strike a balance between keeping workers in their jobs and giving  the justification to further lay-off workers,” TUCP added.

The TUCP, however, said that it will study the possibility of filing wage petitions this mid-year or when the economy shows signs of improvement.

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